The main days of the reunion will be Thursday, Aug 26 to Sunday Aug 31. Here is a brief outline in what we are planning.

The little yellow cottage

Thursday – a day at the cottage, visiting, relaxation, sailing, swimming, paddle boarding or whatever you would like to do. Dinner will be provided, probably a BarBQ . Campfire in the evening?



Lobster Pond


– I have secured the boat cruise for all from noon until 2:00, of course weather permitting. We will provide a simple lunch to eat on board. This will be our lobster feast night and we will order it beforehand and maybe some will like to go to the lobster pound to pick it up. We will try to see if we can have a tour of the lobster pound for those that might be interested? Might be the night to have the Milledge clan over for dinner too!




– the drive down to Lunenburg for brunch and a walk around this beautiful town and then drive the lighthouse route back to the cottage stopping at Mahone Bay and Chester. We will have dinner for all this night too.



I think most of you would probably like to explore Halifax, it is an easy drive from the cottage (approx. ½ hour) and there is such a varied number of things to do and see there that I will leave it up to those to plan their own visit to the city. Peggy’s Cove is a twenty minute drive down the main road from the cottage, I would advise to go early morning or see the sunset as it is swarming with tourists during the day. There is so many places to go see but I don’t want to plan a tight schedule and most will have a car or can go with someone with a car and do some things on their own.


*******What to pack: Nothing fancy!!!!! A raincoat would be a good idea, and some warm layers for the evening as it can cool down and be a bit chilly.  Dressing in layers is a good idea. We live in jeans, shorts and old shirts and sweatshirts there!!! You can swim off our dock, the water can be quite warm depending on the weather system, we’ve seen it as high as 80 degrees (that was just before a hurricane mind you!) Weather could be very hot, humid, dry or very damp, chilly and wet! But lets just pray for sunshiny days!! Just to let you know, we have no laundry facility at the cottage unfortunately.  There is a laundry mat fairly close by.



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