Bring on August 28th – 31st 2014 Family Reunion!



Kevin and Heather – arriving on August 18 (staying in cottage)

Daphne and Hayley – August 23 –Sept 1 (D in cottage,  H in RV)

Danica and Ivor and Tessa – Arriving August 22nd  (RV)

Paul (husband of Danica) – Arrives August 28th (RV)

Tom and Jenn –  Aug 28-Sept 6, rented an RV

Trish and Dave – Aug 24 – Sept 2 (staying in cottage with Tim and Jim and then Tom and Jenn’s RV)

Tim and Jim – Aug 24 – Aug 31 – rented a cottage

Nick, Bresee , Riley and Aspen – Aug 23rd – Sept 1st rented a cottage

Susie and Ivor  – Aug 26 – Sept 1 @ the Little Yellow Cottage

Julian and girls – no flights booked yet but assume similar to Susie and Ivor (staying at a B&B)

Martin – same as Julian

Paul – rented an RV  Aug 26 – 30

Sophie and Sean – Aug 27 – Sept 1

Richard – Aug 26 – Sept 1st  (staying next door at Kevin’s sisters)

Peter – Aug 27 -Sept 1st (staying next door at Kevin’s sisters)

Andy and Karen – arrive in Boston Aug 21, leaving via Boston Sept 8, staying probably with Kevin’s other sister on the point!

Christopher – arriving Aug 15, going to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal then staying with Paul Aug 26-30

WE CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!!! Love always, The Canadian Fam

Little Yellow Cottage and property ready for the Family RV (caravan) adventure!

unnamed (2)

New Railings and Glass panels have been put in !       unnamed (4)





A new coat of YELLOW paint has been selected and is in the works




AND SOOO much more!



5 Responses to Bring on August 28th – 31st 2014 Family Reunion!

  1. susie dunkerton says:

    This looks like a real adventure! Is Kevin’s family really prepared?! Thank you Tessa and Heather, Susie

  2. Chris Stratton says:

    What an interesting and different location for the reunion! I don’t know much about Nova Scotia but I look forward to finding out more!

    • It’s a beautiful part of Canada, lots to do and lots to see and a 6 hour flight from England whereas an 8 hour travel from Vancouver! (no direct flights!!) So happy you are coming! Cheers, Heather

  3. susie dunkerton says:

    See you very very soon – and what a great way to celebrate our almost retirement!

    Lots of love to all,

    Susie and Ivor xx

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